Main Floor Located right off RLC Street, Club Senses’ main floor is a great place to lounge with friends, shop from designers’ catalogs, enjoy the music or perhaps a sexy dancer.  Have a dance socially or with that special someone.  Get a lapdance or just party like a rockstar in our VIP party area overlooking the main stages. Access to our Party Room and Suites for 2 or 4 is available by clicking the appropriate sign at the elevator door in the central hub.  The Environment and Locations have doors for access along the outer wall of the club. The party-hearty or those wishing to explore their inner nature should head downstairs.  The Lower Floor is a D/s themed nightclub, complete with a barred submissive playroom, glass dance cages, seating and a fully stocked bar.  For those wishing a safe, classy place to have some sexy fun or just dance and flirt, Club Senses Lower Floor is a great venue.  Also on this level are doors to the Anime Theater and Environment regions of our complex. Suites Club Senses luxury Suites for 2 or up to 4 people are fully- equipped and tastefully decorated.  Complete with hottubs and saunas, our rooms are great for some private time with your chosen partner(s).  Several options for pleasure are sure to serve everyone from the vanilla to those with more of an edge to their passion. Download Free Game Client