Our Staff Club Senses staff are the friendliest in the whole of the Utherverse.  Knowledgeable, courteous, and professional, we have the finest team assembled right here.  CS is the fun, drama-free, relaxing party place it is because of these people who give of their time and themselves to make everyone’s experience enjoyable.  We know there are hundreds of other venues clamoring for your attention, but a visit or two and you will soon see what a difference the people make.  We hope you will visit us often and bring your friends to share in the warm, welcoming environment that is...Club Senses. Staff are easily identified in the club by the CS or SO “tag” appended to their screen names. - OUR ADMINISTRATION TEAM - Owner / Manager DJ_Tawni_Prim_SO Club Manager Host Manager KamakaziKaren_SO   Host Assistant Manager sexybabes_CS   Security Manager Freyja_SO_CS   - HOSTS - __Devo_Wild__CS Gabria_CS honey_gal_CS KingLeothLion_CS MR_iansmokey_CS Mrs_Aly_Cosey_CS roxybaby_CS Boo_CS LickYourToes_CS Tiff_SO - PROMOTIONS/EVENTS TEAM - Now Hiring   - DJs -   AUSSIExRULES KamakaziKaren_SO Vegas154 - Mascot - Fred_CS Download Free Game Client