Club Senses is a Licensed Private Venue.  This set of rules is to provide an overall guideline for behaviour within the club.  It is not and cannot ever be a totally comprehensive list for every ridiculous thing a person might do.  Club Senses is an adult establishment within the adult virtual world Utherverse, therefore it is reasonable to expect people to act like adults.  We are here to provide entertainment, not to act as babysitters.  Leave your drama outside, relax, and enjoy yourself. Our staff is friendly, helpful, and experienced.  If you encounter a problem within Club Senses, please don’t hesitate to approach a staff member and ask for assistance.  That does not mean they will become involved in personal matters.  If you have a problem with another person in RLC, your have the option to put them on ignore.  Issues with staff should be brought to one of the club’s managers.  Ignoring staff prevents them from effectively performing their duties and so will not be tolerated. STAFF INSTRUCTIONS: If a staff or security team member asks you to do something, there is a reason why. Please follow their instructions and everything will be fine.  If you do not, you will leave and may not be able to return. WARNINGS / KICKS: Warnings are given for the vast majority of rule infractions.  We will treat you politely and expect the same courtesy in return.  If you think being rude or profane will help your cause, you will shortly find yourself in one of Utherverse’s transports.  Repeated poor behaviour will likely result in you being banned. BANS: Bans from Club Senses are automatically set to an indefinite period of time.  Whether you are allowed back depends largely on your attitude from that point. POSING: Anyone posing as Club Senses staff will be banned from the club. NUDITY / PUBLIC SEX: Nudity is allowed in Club Senses, but we prefer you are wearing clothes on entry level. It might shock people when they enter the club for the first time and see all naked people.  Public sex is permitted in all dims other than English Standard.  You may use the hidden beds provided in Eng Std as long as your chat remains discrete. MUSIC FEEDS: Club Senses is a Danceclub / Meetingplace. We have our own stream running. If you don’t like the music or entertainment we provide, you are welcome to go elsewhere. Our DJs do their best because they love to play music people enjoy.  Disrespect them at your own peril. SPAM / ADVERTISING: We will not allow, at any time, any one, person or group to broadcast or advertise their stream, business, club, event, etc. within the club.  This includes people who have chosen to give their personal avatar a business name.  Clients doing business with Club Senses are excepted.  Consider this your "FIRST & FINAL" warning on this policy! BADGES: Club Senses is a WG-friendly establishment.  As such, they may wear their badges within the club.  Certain other badges (ie. Prom Queen) may be allowed at our discretion.  Business-related badges are forbidden except for Senses’ advertiser clients. PREJUDICE / HATE SPEECH: We firmly believe in human rights.  We have guests from all around the world, of every ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  Anyone using hate speech or using offensive language towards any person within Club Senses will be removed, banned, and reported as a Terms of Service violation to Utherverse WorldOps. RESPECT EVERYONE!: This is not that hard of a rule to follow. It's very simple. Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you act like an ASS, expect the same in return. Blind PM's, Invites, etc.. NO MEANS NO! If you disrespect the club, or the people within it, you may find yourself outside looking in. Download Free Game Client