Party, laugh, dance, chat, watch, or romance.  Come meet our friendly CS crew, wiggle your toes in our sand, go for a swim, and join the fun, or just relax and de-stress and you're sure to feel right at home in RLC's BEST Licensed Private Venue Beach.  All welcome.  Greenie (basic member) friendly.  See you here!! Don’t be too surprised if you visit us one day and see this total layout change.  It’s all part of living in a virtual world. A warm ocean breeze wafts through the palm trees carrying the scent of the calm surf.  The original Senses Beach with a bit of an update is the location of some of our biggest parties, auctions, and special events. Club Senses Environment features top 40, rock and dance music from the 80’s to today and we have some of RLC’s best live DJs to stream the tunes you want to hear to make the party rock! Each layout also has a wedding version.  If you are looking for a high-capacity low-lag venue in Utherverse to begin your wedded bliss...look no further.  Reasonable rates and a dim of your own for the event where you won’t be interrupted by unknowing members stumbling in. Download Free Game Client